What is Coaching?

"We could all use a little coaching. When you're playing the game, it's hard to think of everything."  
-  Jim Rohn

You've probably heard the word coach used as a job title. We often associate it with sports, and we know what such a coach does - they help the sports team achieve their goals. Which is to win.  

But did you know Life Coaches do the same?  

Ideally, they are supposed to support us with our intentions to excel and win. Life and business coaching is the secret of many successful people making progress with their goals and achieving their potential. Yes, I have a coach as well.  This post was inspired by a question someone once asked me.

"What is a Life Coach, and what exactly do I do with my clients"? 
A good question!

But before answering it, let's first rule out what a coach is not and the differences in similar services provided:

  • Therapist – focuses on the client's past diagnosing dis-functionalities so as to treat. 

  •  Counselor - focuses on an individual's psychological well-being, helping the client analyze and get over personal past and existing issues.

  • Consultant – gives expert advice and is hired for specific technical expertise. They can set up systems or advice on how something should be done. 

  •  Trainer -  supports individuals and teams to acquire and implement knowledge to develop competency and skill-sets that improve performance in the workplace.   

  • Facilitator - plans, guides, and assists a group move through a process so that all participants coordinate well and the event objectives are smoothly delivered and met.

  • Mentor – gives the advice to help the individual develop the skills and knowledge needed to perform better in the current career or education position. Mentors have professional and personal competencies which they share through example.

  • Buddy to chat with – we have friends, partners, and family for that. Coaching is a skill-set with the element of professionalism. 

A coach – is a strategic business partner.
The professional relationship is built on trust – that the coach supports the client in their success objectives without judgment.

The above is my personal definition of a life coach. But if that sounds too vague or simple, here's the broader version of what I do:

As a life coach, I aim to support my clients so that they meet their personal and professional goals.  

These goals include but are not limited to: 

- Excelling in your personal and professional life.  
- Following your purpose and passion with a big picture vision.

- Mindfully cultivating and enjoying healthy, fulfilling relationships.  

So back to the question of what exactly do I do as a Life Coach?   Well, that depends on what it is you want support with. Because you are the expert in your life, my work is to come along and professionally support you with your intentions using my signature G.O.A.L.S methodology.

We work together as I facilitate change, transition, and growth so that you reach your objectives without sacrificing your wellbeing and loved ones on the altar of the desired success!

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