Meet  Nancy 

Short (Professional) Bio

Nancy Nungari is the face behind Naga Coaching.

A business that offers consulting, training, and coaching services.

Using  her  signature G.O.A.L.S process, Nancy supports organisations and individuals who want to implement  a culture of healthy high performance for sustainable growth and productivity.

A certified coach, award-winning speaker, and published author, her topics are  vision, goals, personal development and well-being.

As a digital strategist with a background in sales, she also consults on how to increase revenue with content marketing.

An African immigrant living in Germany for over 25 years, from experience, Nancy knows work-life balance is crucial for health, success, and fulfilment.

That's why she prioritizes self-care and faith.

The (Personal) Long Bio

Born and raised in East Africa, I've been based in Germany for 25+ years. I wanted to be an air hostess, nurse, or fashion designer when I was young.

I studied design and after moving to Germany, worked in the fashion industry. Following an injury, I left employment and, upon recovering, followed my passion for reading and opened a  bookshop in North Rhine-Westphalia. As an avid reader, I was one of my best customers :-)    

When the recession hit in 2008 and Amazon became a force I couldn't compete with, I wrote and published my first book, closed the shop, and ventured online. During the day, I freelanced in the market research and social studies industry, and in the evenings, I worked on my internet business.

Not wise!

Zero work-life balance led to a nasty burnout. And needing to recuperate; I relocated for a few years.

"But why all these details"?  You ask.  

Simple, my story is part of the WHY behind my passion for personal development and well-being for healthy high performance!

As a certified coach since 2014,  expertise, experience and empathy are part of my USP. 

Using my signature G.O.A.L.S™ process  which I created in 2008 as the framework of my 1st book, I have 10+ years of hands-on coaching experience with individuals and facilitating group workshops.

When I'm not following my passion for personal development or consulting,  you'll find me prioritizing self-care. Also, I went by the name Gathecha.

Random Facts About Me

1. Multi-passionate creative who speaks four languages
2. Introvert with occasional extrovert tendencies = ambivert

3. The Gospel, fashion, sax music and books make me happy
4. Nominated for the German Digital Female Leader Awards - 2019

5. Former atheist & Bible School graduate with a diploma in Theology

6. In an apprenticeship programme as a Trauma Healing Group facilitator 

7. Curious life-long learner with a Kenyan temperament and a German work ethic.

My Book is available on Amazon


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