Meet  Nancy 

Short (Professional) Bio

Nancy Nungari is the face behind Naga Consulting.

A business that offers consulting, content, and coaching services.

Using  her  Signature G.O.A.L.S System, Nancy works with organisations and individuals who want to cast their compelling vision, then implement with healthy high performance culture for sustainable growth.

As a certified coach, trainer, podcaster, and published author on Amazon, her topics are  vision, personal development and well-being.

When she's not following her passion for personal development she's consulting on how to increase revenue with content marketing.

An African immigrant living in Germany for over 25 years, from experience, Nancy knows holistic well-being is the key to health, success, and fulfilment.

That's why she prioritizes  self-care.

The (Personal) Long Bio

Born and raised in East Africa, I've been based in Germany for over 25 years. I wanted to be an air hostess, nurse, or fashion designer when I was young.

I studied design and when I moved to Germany, I worked in the fashion industry as a sales rep. Following a back injury, I left employment and, upon recovering, followed my passion for reading and fulfilled a dream. I opened a physical bookshop in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

As an avid reader, I was one of my best customers :-)    

When the recession hit in 2008 and Amazon became a force I couldn't compete with, I wrote and published my very first book, closed the shop, and ventured online. During the day, I freelanced in the market research and social studies industry, and in the evenings, I worked on my internet business.

Not wise!

Zero work-life balance led to a nasty burnout. I crashed and needing to recuperate; I said goodbye to Germany and relocated for a few years.

"But why all these details"?  You ask.  

Simple, my story is part of the WHY behind my passion for personal development and well-being for healthy high performance!

As a certified coach since 2014,  experience, expertise and empathy are part of my USP.

Using my Signature G.O.A.L.S™ System  which I created in 2008 as the framework of my 1st book, I have years of hands-on coaching experience.

When I'm not following my passion for personal development or consulting,  you'll find me prioritizing self-care.

Random Facts About Me

1. Enjoy jazz, saxophone music and TEDx Talks
2. Introvert with extrovert tendencies = ambivert

3. Creativity, books, fashion and travelling make me happy
4. Nominated for the German Digital Female  Leader Awards - 2019

5. Former atheist & Bible School graduate with a diploma in Theology

6. In an apprenticeship programme as a Trauma Healing Group facilitator  
7. Curious life-long learner with a Kenyan temperament and a German work ethic.