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Boost Your Well-Being

5-Day Mini Course For Busy Professionals

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and maxed out?

Most of us professionals are overstretched.

Launching your own business or getting that job/promotion started as an exciting dream come true, yet sometimes it almost feels like a nightmare.

But it doesn't have to be that way...  

Balancing work and play is the key to sustainable growth while enjoying solving your audiences problems without burning out.

The first place to begin building capacity is your mental well-being...

Introducing the Boost Your Well-Being Mini Course!

 In this 5-day mini course, you'll receive daily actionable prompts and simple ways you can boost your mood and nurture your mental well-being.

Running a business is a marathon not a sprint. And the truth is we need balance and a resilient 
mind-set because a business is only as healthy as the owner.

By the end of this course you'll have tools to boost your well-being by;

  • Turning Your Gaze Outwards.

  • Nurturing Healthy Connections.

  • Embracing Play and Having Fun.

  • Eating Your Way To Mental Well-Being.

  • Rediscovering Mood-Boosting Movement.

Curriculum Designer & Trainer


Hello and welcome!

I'm Nancy, the producer of this resource. 

Fifteen years ago, I closed my physical bookshop and took my business online. 

 With years of hands-on digital marketing experience, these days

I consult, train, and write about content marketing.

 As a published author and certified coach with a passion for personal development, 

I support clients with their vision, goals, and well-being for healthy, high performance. 

I'm an immigrant living in Germany and in my free time, you'll find me prioritizing self-care.

 Thanks for being here and if you choose to invest in these resources, enjoy!

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