Design Your Vision Board

Design an inspiring, powerful, purpose-based visual that helps you achieve your life and business intentions faster and with ease.

Do you have a dream; something you desire to have, be or do? 

Most of us do.

Often our dreams are buried under the day-to-day obligations of our busy lives. When we occasionally allow ourselves to get quiet, we feel them gently tagging at our hearts.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." 

But when what we have are vague wishes and nebulous ideas, we go through life with the nagging frustration of unfulfilled potential and stymied dreams. Living by default instead of by design.

But that doesn't have to be you...

Introducing the Design Your Vision Board Challenge!

 If you are ready to turn your desires into reality this training is for you. And here's why; a vision board helps you get clarity, stay focused, and inspired to follow through on your big dreams. It is a powerful tool many successful people use achieve their intentions faster.  

That's because working with a vision board accelerates your success so that what you see internally, manifests externally. You'll make progress with ease and see your desired results quicker with this effective productivity tool that inspires you: 

  • DREAM 
  • DESIGN  
  • DO 

This training is for you if you want to follow your purpose. Wanting material things is a valid desire that we all have, but this training is different. It approaches designing vision boards based on a bigger purpose beyond getting "stuff". Discover how to activate your dormant dreams as you apply spiritual and science-backed principles taught in this course.  

By the end of this course you'll leave with;

  • 3 simple strategies to release limiting beliefs hindering you.

  • Clarity and a powerful vision statement that defines your dream.

  • A big-picture mindset that activates your purpose and your why.

  • A beautiful visual that supports your intentions and inspires action.

  • A motivated mindset to take the next logical step to go from dreaming to doing.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get...


The training is delivered as a 5-part video challenged dripped daily to avoid overwhelm. You'll also get daily prompts to help with implementation. 


Join like-minded people who believe in you and get peer-to-peer support from other visionaries taking action to activate their big dreams.


Because life rewards action-takers, you'll get a bonus 30-minute virtual coaching session AFTER completing this course within 5 weeks after enrolling.

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