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Achieve Your Goals

Discover 5 simple steps to set inspiring goals and achieve them with ease

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Course Summary

If you struggle with overwhelm, procrastination and analysis paralysis, this course will help you get and stay in motion.

You'll learn simple proven goal-setting strategies that boost your productivity; helping you get things done with ease.

After Taking This Course  You'll Learn:

  • The BETTERC way to define your goals 
  • Why a VISION and your WHY are determining factors 
  • The Kaizen + MSM method for effective time and project management 
  • Pomodoro's + a 3-word question that beats procrastination EVERY single time 
  • How to identifying and eliminate limiting beliefs + sneaky SELF-SABOTAGING habits 
  • One little known powerful (SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED) secret about goal-achievers 
  • A simple tip to acquire new habits + integrate success routines that support your goals long-term 
  • How to stay FOCUSED, motivated + resilient, especially when you encounter obstacles and setbacks.

Each module has 3 short videos and PDF worksheet and an assessment quiz. The modules are dripped weekly to help you implement the simple strategies with actionable steps.  Unlocking 1 module per week stops information overload and avoids overwhelm. Begin implementing this simple and practical training and start seeing the results you desire.

Course Curriculum


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